For some time now, my front panel LED button has been acting very strange. I'm not sure when exactly this issue started, perhaps a few weeks after purchasing.

Anyways, the button on the front of my Enthoo Luxe is rather finicky when attempting to do anything to the LED lights. If I simply press the button the lights don't change color or do much of anything. Holding the button does not turn off the lights either. In my case, I must press and hold the button for 10+ seconds at least one (sometimes 3+) times in order to affect the LED's in any way. After going through these long presses they behave normally. Any time my computer is shut off and then started up again, the issue appears immediately on power up. This issue isn't a massive deal, but I am planning on getting the 2M strip for in case lighting and I would rather have the strips work properly.

Anyone have any ideas to solve it? Or similar issues?