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Thread: Evolv ATX - LED options

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    Evolv ATX - LED options

    This might be a bit of a noob question here. I recently purchased the original version of the Evolv ATX Mid Tower (NOT the tempered glass version).

    I'd like to setup some LEDs within the case to highlight the inside of the case. Is there an adapter or other easy way to attached these lights ( to my motherboard to control them?

    I know the Evolv ATX TG and a few other cases have built in connections. Just curious if anyone has a recommendation for the easiest integration option. Also considering tossing a few LED fans in the case to not have to deal with strip lighting... but that's just an idea.

    I know there is an RGB adapter by Phanteks--but I don't think it's compatible with my motherboard. I'm currently running an Asus Z170-Pro.

    Thanks for the help.

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    As far as I know there is no adapter to available at this time. If I can find anything I will post it here for you.
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    I recommend the Hue+. I absolutely love mine

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    I bought the Asus hero alpha mobo specifically so that I could plug 12 volt LED strips directly onto it. I bought the Phanteks 1m strip and the adapter, plugged it in went into the Asus Aura lighting program and viola it works

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