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Thread: Non-Functional Power Button?

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    Angry Non-Functional Power Button?

    I built a system end of last year using Phanteks Primo. I used it for more than six months without issues.

    Then the system did not start up when I pressed the Power Button, nothing happened, the LED On/Off button did not work - the LED strip did not come on and the reset button had no effect. The board received electricity, LEDs on the mother board were lit up, the USB was under tension etc. I went through a cycle of removing the power, unplugging external cables and putting them back and then suddenly it started to work again - for a while. I had the same issue again and I proceeded in the same way, just randomly unplugging and putting external cables back on and it started again. There seemed to be no relationship between my actions and the fact it started to work again. This is now the third time in two months thatI do not manage to turn the system on. There is no reaction whatsoever, no LED strip, no reset button

    Then I removed the two covers and the power cord and tried next morning. It now works! I do not understand why? Is it due to static electricity in the case and it takes the night to get rid of it? Like laundry that hangs to dry?

    Does anybody have a suggestion? How could I proceed to nail down the problem? I would be grateful for any help. Regards, Bjorn
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