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    Hello all


    I have been researching some cases for a: a replacement for my 10 year old Lian-Li A70B and a second case for a old part build for the wife and came upon Phanteks. The Enthoo Primo looks a good fit for me, running a reasonably complicated setup, AMD FX8320E @ 4.9Ghz, Asus Sabertooth 990FX R3.0, AMD R9 290X, 16Gb TridentX cooled with a dual rad, dual pump setup (XSPC 240 RX V2 and XSPC 360 RX V2, Dual DDCs 3.2 going through a Dual EK DDC V2 Top and EK Res, EK Supremacy and EK R9290 FC), storage is where is gets kinda complicated, main drive is a 500GB Samsung 950 NVMe, but I also have 4 120Gb Samsung 840 SSDs in RAID 0 mounted in an Icy Dock Tougharmour 5.25 drivebay and 4 x 4TB Toshiba X300 in RAID 10 run via a LSI 9260-8i raid card.
    My wife has the following bits to case up, AMD FX8350, Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, AMD R9 290, 16GB TridentX, cooled with a DDC, EK RES, EK Supremacy and a TFC 240mm RAD. Storage will be 2 x Samsung 840 EVOs (RAID0) and 2 x 1TB Samsung F3s. The Enthoo Pro M looks to be a really nice fit for this.


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