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Thread: Question on the PWM hub of Enthoo Evolv ATX before buxing

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    Question on the PWM hub of Enthoo Evolv ATX before buxing

    I have two questions:
    1. I've read that it's not possible to mount 3x120mm fans in the front with the hard drive bay in the bottom installed? Is that true?
    2. I want to install 3x120mm in the front and 1x140mm back/2x140mm top but the 140mm and 120mm fans have different minimum and maximum RPM. Even though they're all 3pin fans. What will the PWM hub do with the fans? Will they all try to run at the same RPM? Or will they rather be controlled via a certain percentage (%) of their maximum RPM depending on what the mainboard 4pin header tells the hub (depending on temperature etc)?

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    is possible, just reroute your front cables or let the bottom fan unscrewed hold in place by your dustscreen anywayz

    2/ dont use the hub ,its crap

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    Huh? Why is it crap?

    My future-to-be motherboard will only have two 4pin Chassis Fan connectors. How am I supposed to power 6 fans with those lol.

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    No idea what upschur is talking about. Obviously has little knowledge of the hub.

    I would not change the fans around. The stock setup will work very well. What is your system? What GPU an CPU coolers are you using?
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