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Thread: PWM Fan Hub - Not working

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    PWM Fan Hub - Not working

    Please see images in linked album above.

    The 4pin to 4pin cable is plugged into the CPU FAN header on my mobo.

    The 4pin does not power the fans if I plug it into the 4pin port on the hub, with or without the SATA power plugged in.

    The 4pin will power the fans if I plug it into a 3pin port on the hub, with or without the SATA power plugged in (this is no use to me as I want to control the fans).

    The hub LED will light up if I plug SATA powr in, but fans will not spin unless the cable from mobo is connected to a 3pin port.

    4pin port on hub does not seem to do anything.

    This is the product I purchased

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    No idea what original problem was, but you have plugged it in so many wrong ways that I can't even begin to guess how many ways you may have shorted things out on hub PCB.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but you should have followed the instruction manual and never plugged power into circuit connections (headers) that are designed to have fans plugged into them to receive power.

    PWM hub installation manual shows and explains how to hook it up. If that did not work and you had not done all the other combinations I might have been able to help you figure out the problem. But now I have no idea what damage many have been done, so no idea how to resolve your problem.
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    Also, as seen in other posts, make sure the 4-pin is plugged in by orientation, not wire color. And...make sure you can the "control" fan plugged into the white or first 3-pin connection. If the PWM doesnt sense the RPM signal from that fan, none of them will spin.

    If everything is plugged in correctly, the hub may now be bad.
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