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Thread: Mod for vertical GPU mounting on Entoo Primo SE case

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    So in the end I got it all working with the Vertical GPU mount from Coolermaster on my machine. It worked. It looked good. It left me with ONE PCI-e slot. The problem is I went through two GPU risers and ended up going back. The risers I got were from CoolerMaster an from DYIods. Simply put, they started giving me errors and freezing up my games. I've bought an Enthoo Elite and I probably won't use the bracket as the GPU will block the Asus Rampage 6 Extreme motherboard beautiful features.

    For vertical GPU you should be prepared to spend $70-$90 for the riser from 3M, Lian-Li, TT Premium, etc. The cheaper cables are like playing the lottery.

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    So, I modded the Primo SE to mount my GeForce 1080 Ti vertically, because it took up 3 PCI slots and I needed every single slot. I used the Mountain Mods bracket everyone else uses, used some of the grill holes to secure it to the side of the case (but had to drill one hole so I could secure it with 4 screws), and just used my Dremel tool to cut a hole and fit two DisplayPort cables. I left the motherboard and CPU fans installed during this but I meticulously covered everything up with plastic sheeting to make sure no metal filings end up on any electronics. I used the EZDIY riser, performance and stability are the same as with standard GPU mounting. As you can see, I am also using a fifth screw which retains the whole GPU with a nut on the other side, to reduce sag.

    I used this orientation (fan inside) because this was the only way to secure it to the existing grill on that location of the back panel with minimal drilling/cutting, and because this way the fan can pull in a bit more air and not be as restricted by the side panel. It doesn't look quite as pretty in a dark room, but who cares, this is a workstation PC. However, the upside down orientation does make it quite difficult to install the card because it doesn't have anything holding it up before you screw the side bolts in to secure it to the mount, whereas in the other orientation it would just rest on the mount. Still, I've been able to remove and reinstall the card several times without any particular problems.


    Let me know if you have any questions about the procedure.

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