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Thread: Mod for vertical GPU mounting on Entoo Primo SE case

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    I've done exactly this already to my Evolv TG
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    Quote Originally Posted by brighttail View Post
    Hey all I'm back.

    So I went a different route and found a Coolermaster Vertical GPU that fits very nicely into the PCI-e Slots. The bracket fits perfectly and requires ZERO modding.

    Unfortunately, it ends up looking exactly like the picture just above with the Phantek's GPU vertical bracket. The problem is it places the GPU directly against all the PCI-e Slots which means if you have need for any PCI-e slots you are out of luck as there is quite literally less than an inch between the PCI-e slot and the back of the GPU, so not even a mini m.2->Pci-e bracket can fit in there. I need at least one of the PCI-e slots so this wasn't an option for me to use, despite how cool it looked.

    I did also get a hold of the Mountain Mods Vertical GPU bracket. As noted earlier in this thread it would have to be secured to the back of the case. If you look at the picture above just to the left of the PCIE brackets is the area of the Enthoo Primo that a pump/reservoir can be placed. There are even some pre-drilled areas to put a mounting bracket to secure the reservoir. If I were to find a way to put the Mountain Mods bracket here, the card would be far enough out that I could use all my PCI-e Slots. The problem is how to secure it? The bracket is just slightly smaller than the Guide holes for the bracket. Only thing I can think of is getting a piece of metal, fixed it to the bracket holes and then affix the gpu bracket the the piece of metal. Sadly I'm really bad at these types of mods.

    I'm interesting in this option as well for my Evolv TG. Would you be able to post some pics of your setup?

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    Asking for advice about Thread: Mod for vertical GPU mounting on Entoo Primo SE case

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    Hey, I have an Enthoo Primo and looking to mount a Gigabyte AORUS 1080 Ti vertically. This is a 2.5-slot (pretty much 3-slot) GPU due to the giant cooler on it. I can't even install it on the PCIe slot that's second from the bottom because the cooler hits the SATA connectors and front USB cables, so I am really interested in mounting vertically to recover those lost slots.

    The space where the second PSU goes would be perfect as it would not obscure any of the PCIe slots on the motherboard, and I have a good long insulated riser cable. I am prepared to remove some of the honeycombed paneling to install a bracket for the GPU, I am just concerned about the potential for shorting out the card when it's not installed in an appropriate place, and I am wondering what bracket would be best to use to ensure the GPU is totally secure (e.g. would survive me picking up and moving the case) and does not short out. I do have access to a machining shop that could probably build something for me, but probably at quite high cost, so if I could achieve this using a cheap bracket and some basic cutting/drilling where needed, that would be amazing.

    Any thoughts?

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    Follow-up: Just heard back from PhanteksUSA support about this:

    "We will be releasing a vertical GPU bracket in the coming weeks. You should be able to modify the case to install the bracket at the second PSU location. You will most likely need to purchase a longer ribbon cable."


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