First off... Wow. The larger one you showed off at CES this year looks phantastic (don't hurt me). I couldn't get too much of a view from the videos I've seen it in, but some... suggestions and requests for it I have are the following.

Remote power on/off
Well, it is geared towards being a HTPC-type enclosure, so first and foremost my suggestion for the case is to enable remote power on/off and potentially reset. I have one of these in my Evolv ATX TG build, and it's not even an HTPC. PCIE 1x solutions for remote power/reset aren't viable as I'm not aware of any Mini-ITX boards that even have 1x slots, and any solutions that force the use of USB may be unsavory to some customers. Including baked-in support for the feature will likely win you a lot of points with reviewers and customers alike.

And really... I know some of the guys involved in making this case are going to want one for themselves. Don't you guys want this feature, too? I want it for client builds, because it's an extra level of convenience for the people I build for, and convenience is the name of the game for people who are buying a PC built for them.

Compatibility with AIO cooled GPUs
They're getting more popular. They look nice, play nice, and are much MUCH more affordable for the average consumer than custom liquid cooling. Most importantly to me, it would allow me to put them in client builds and have both the CPU and GPU liquid cooled via AIOs, which are, again, much more affordable and pack good performance into often smaller, sexier package than traditional air cooling. Like I said, though, at the beginning of my post, I haven't been able to

I have no problem doing custom loops for clients, but for the cost of parts and labor, with additional maintenance, I practically have to ask clients what brand their car is before I even get into a discussion about them.

I know, I know. Airflow is a really obvious concern, and I'm sure you guys are taking every step you can to balance sexiness and airflow performance, but with just the two intake fans in the front and not much surface area to bring air in, while I'm not concerned about overheating, I am concerned about how loud it will have to run to keep something on the scale of a 1070 to Titan level GPU cool, especially if the machine is running an overclocked CPU, and doubly so if it's running an X99 mini board.

I'll get to my only suggestions I really have before I end up rambling forever... Basically, stylized venting on the front and possibly back based on the exhaust vents machined into the top of the Evolv ATX, and possibly an exhaust fan up by the end of the GPU if it's possible to fit one in there, possibly just support for one rather than including one, since you guys don't actually make anything smaller than a 120. Support for a small 80mm fan might be beneficial to some people.

I'm no veteran professional in case design, however, so feel quite free to pick holes in any of my concerns or suggestions, I fully welcome it.

Lower Priority

These things aren't the biggest deals, but I'd love to see them addressed anyways. If you can get the glass panels to be on removable hinges, absolutely do it. Also either an optional or included kit that allows the larger of the two Project 217 cases to have the lower area by the power supply occupied by storage, 3.5" or 2.5", rather than liquid cooling components, preferably without making installation of AIOs impossible, but I understand if that's simply not feasible. Hard drives are not dead, and are still a good option for those who are looking to store large quantities of lossless audio and video. Support for a slim slot loading drive somewhere would also be great, especially if this case would ever be compared to the Silverstone FTZ-01, which this case is looking to be a competitor with.