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Thread: Problem with Fan Speed Control in Evolv TG ATX

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    Question Problem with Fan Speed Control in Evolv TG ATX


    I've bought a Evolv ATX Tempered Glass chassis.
    I'm using it in combination with a Gigabyte Z270X Gaming5 mainboard and a Kraken CPU cooler.

    At the moment all 3 case fans (two front, one back) are connected to the pwm switch and the switch itself is connected to the CPU_OPT (also CPU_FAN tried and SYS_FAN2) according to the manual.

    The problem now is that all the 3 case fans are running full speed and it's very loud. I can't seem to throttle or control the fans from the bios or with any gigabyte software.
    The GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 also features Smart Fan 5 which in theory should support pwm headers:

    Can anyone help me how to connect or setup the fans so they run according to the case temperature or can be controlled manually?
    Thanks for any tips or hints.


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    I've not used a Z270X Gaming V motherboard. Are you sure the CPU_OPT fan header is PWM controlled? Often motherboards only have PWM control on CPU_FAN header.

    Smart fan ofter has an auto-tune feature. To get full range of PWM control in manual mode requires this auto-tune to be ran before the manual controls work properly.
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    I ran into a similar issue with my motherboard. I'm running a Gigabyte Z97x Gaming 5 and it also has a CPU_OPT fan header. I did the same as you and had my Phanteks PWM Controller connected to CPU_OPT and my Kraken X52 connected to the actual CPU. No matter what I did though, the fans connected to the PWM Controller were always running at 100%. Even using Speedfan or any Gigabyte software had no effect when I made changes. I started looking all over for answers and in the manual turns out it states that CPU_OPT is primarily for those with water cooling setups. So, I connected the Kraken fan header to CPU_OPT and the PWM controller to that actual CPU fan header and gave it a shot. Worked like a charm!!! I can now control the fans on the PWM module perfectly with Speedfan and I have had no issues with the Kraken regulating its fan speed either.

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