I have an ASUS P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1 (Sandy Bridge) motherboard which only has one CPU_FAN header that I'm using for the CPU cooler. I currently have the PWM hub connected to the CHA_FAN1 (4-pin Chassis fan) header on my motherboard. I'm assuming that won't cause any issues but figured I'd ask to be sure.

Here is the page from the manual:

I also have LED strip combo starter kit, also running through the splitter on the back. I have a SATA connector from the PSU connected to the "12v input" from the PWM hub.

One other thing, to get the two strips where I wanted I needed the extra length from the RGB LED adapter that came with the LED strips. Since I don't actually have an RGB-capable motherboard the motherboard connector is unused, I'm essentially using the male/female connectors on that as a extension cord.

I take it all of this is fine?