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Thread: Is it recommended to have PWM control for chassis fans?

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    Is it recommended to have PWM control for chassis fans?

    Hey all,
    I have a quick easy question!
    Just wondering if its necessary or recommended to have PWM case fans? I have 2 140mm PWM noctuas as intakes on my case, then I have a phanteks 140mm and another noctua 120mm (both 3 pin) as rear/top exhausts. My mobo (rog strix b250) can control the 3 pins fine as-is with voltage control. So is it worth it to get the pwm fan hub for the rear/top fans?

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    As long as your motherboard is controlling them why spend more money for something else?
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    thats my thought as well, just curious is all, I am new to all this, never paid much attention in the past to cooling. Now I am becoming obsessed with my computer temperatures...ugh

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