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Thread: New Enthoo Pro M Acrylic...Scratched Window

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    New Enthoo Pro M Acrylic...Scratched Window

    Just put my system together last weekend and was sitting here tonight and noticed it. Probably should have looked when I took it out of the package because the outside of the window was the only side that had something on it to protect it. Now I got a supposedly brand new case with an 8 inch scratch on what should be a beautiful window. Bought new from Newegg on Ebay last Thursday.

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    Same here,
    I can feel the pain, just unboxed my Evolv ATX TG on Monday and found out that one of the beautiful window's corners was broken
    Also bought from eBay to and the seller refuses to do anything

    I wrote to phanteks support hoping that they can provide a replacement glass

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    Sad because the build is absolutely beautiful. Best cable management I ever seen in a case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luca View Post
    I wrote to phanteks support hoping that they can provide a replacement glass
    Did you get any reply from them? I'm having the same issue and I'm not really sure what to do in that situation...

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    Seems like Phanteks has some real quality issues going on right now. I contacted them as well and actually received an email back asking for a picture of the panel so I sent them one on Tuesday. Since I sent the pic I have yet to receive any kind of reply back from them. I am guessing that I'm going to be stuck with a scratched up window and that sucks because this build was going to be the "showcase" build for my shop. Looks like I'll just have to save up a little and pick up a Corsair 570x for that build instead. The 570x was my original choice but I decided to go with Enthoo Acrylic Pro M because of the combination of space, cable management and cost is second to none, IMO.

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