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Thread: PWM Fan Hub with 3 and 4 Pin Outputs

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    PWM Fan Hub with 3 and 4 Pin Outputs

    I'd like to have a PWM Fan Hub that has a combination of 3 Pin Variable Voltage and 4 Pin PWM outputs.

    The current hub is great if you just use 3 pin fans and I know you can plug a PWM fan into a 3 pin output and get speed control, but I'm not sure if it will damage the fan long term.

    My ASRock Fatal1ty M/B only has two PWM headers. I use one for my CPU cooler (PH-TC12DX) and one for the input to the Fan Hub.

    I'm not sure if fan speed control for 3 and 4 pin fans can be achieved through a single hub. Be cool if it could.



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    It is a very good and interesting for that.gclub

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