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Thread: Can i get a vote? How many people would buy this updated front panel for the Evolv?

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    Can i get a vote? How many people would buy this updated front panel for the Evolv?

    I just bought my Evolv TG and love it. but the front panel needs an update. since it is easily replaceable i was wondering how many of you would buy an updated version that has a type c and hdmi port.

    something like this:
    Phanteks Please Make This.JPG

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    I would but not before a fix for the heat issue, hot the thing gets this is the one other thing that bugs me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zatatot View Post
    I would but not before a fix for the heat issue, hot the thing gets this is the one other thing that bugs me.

    yeah. mine is pretty warm. i had a 4770k with a h100i and a 980ti hybrid SLI setup in my storm scout 2. it ran much cooler.

    the following is some info i posted in a overlock . net forum. pretty much, its info i got here. but whats your setup like?

    my basic setup with math.

    3 noctua nf-s12a fans in the front as intake - i tapped off any space between the fans and case=
    189 cfm total
    54.4 dba total

    rear rad (GPU) nf-f12 pwm intake =
    55 CFM or 2.61 H2O (radiator pressure spec)
    22.4 dba

    2 nf-f12 pwm for exhaust top (h100i rad) -with the top tapped off to reduce hot air re circulating:
    110 CFM or 5.22 H2O (rad pressure)
    44.8 DBA

    i too go for positive air flow (more intake than exhaust). i also tapped off all opening in the back with black tape to ensure all pressure is hopefully forced through the top rad.

    i have been considering changing out the intake fans with noctuas industrial line which are 2000rpm. not sure if its worth it. i was thinking of at least starting with the rear intake since its the only fan that can be seen. maybe doing the 140mm fan with an adapter to the 120mm radiator. or just doing the 120mm industrial with no adapter.

    a 140mm to 120mm adapter acts like a shroud, which is said to help with the pressure since there is a gap between the fan and rad. in my old setup, i did run phobya 7mm shrouds on both gpu's on both pull and push sides. its hard to tell if it helped. but it made me feel better inside.

    a mod on phanteks was to add small spacers on the front panel (the silver panel that snaps over the fan filter). that panels clips (part that push into the actual case) are on a bracket, the bracket is screwed into the back of the front panel. so he put spacers between the clip bracket and front panel. this gave him a few mm's of additional space along the front sides and bottom which in theory would allow for better air flow intake.

    the phanteks forum aslo recommends to sit the top piece on top of the case, dont click it in place, just let it sit. this gives you a few mm all the way around for better exhaust.

    one other mod i saw was a guy who used a water jet to cut out a cool design on the top of the case to allow for a better air flow exhaust path.
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    +1 for me specially the USB C

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    I'm going to purchase the Enthoo Primo and since I thought I would have the problem you are describing, I was looking for a cable extension, too. I don't have the fans yet, so can you please post a picture of the cable? Maybe we can figure out what's needed.


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    im not sure what cable you need a picture of.

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    check out this thread for a couple other mods i did for better airflow:!!!/page2

    i removed some pieces from the top panel so the heat can exhaust much better.

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    carlosriosness I did a write-up that includes airflow restriction of the side slot vents in top and the improved area by removing the mesh as well as raising the top up on it's latching clips.

    I did not measure plastic end vents or consider removing them .. and I should have.
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