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Thread: Phantek Enthoo Luxe and Fans?

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    Phantek Enthoo Luxe and Fans?


    I've ordered the Enthoo luxe and i was curious how the PWM hub works with a fan controller.
    As it stands i am not sure how to regulate the temps inside the case either by the PWM or a fan controller.

    Either will work, not sure if they sync well together.
    The fan controller i wanted to add is a NZXT Sentry 3 if it makes sense to even get one.
    From what i was able to find so far the PWM from the motherboard links to AI Suite 3 what does not feature auto speeds.
    While the fan controller make use of sensors from the hardware would not give entirely accurate temps.

    It would be better if some how a fan controller could read from the mobo to handle the fans but i've not found one that could do that at all maybe phanteks can make one? xD

    If anyone can, has any experience or pointers it would be appreciated.

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