Hello everyone! On one thing we can surely all agree:
Phanteks puts a lot of thought and work for their cases at a decent price. Love them!

Guys, I know it might sound dumb but here it is. I bought a Rayzen 7 and Phanteks Evolv *Shift* case. So... I am thinking of cooling it with air only, using convection also as it follows:
-Stock Wraith Spire RGB cooler.
- The top front mounted 140mm Phanteks cooler as *exhaust*
- On the bottom 2 X 120 or 140mm Phanteks or other fans (haven't bought any brand yet) as *intakes* .
So, two are pushing air in and the 140mm exhausts it from the top, higher RPM on bottom.

The question is:

DO *YOU* think it will work? Keeping it in decent temperatures, no OC, no heavy gaming.

The official case link here.