I have a 12 month old Enthoo luxe Part number PH-ES614L.
I have been experiencing some weird issues lately that I think may be down to a faulty power switch.
What is happening is as follows
When you press the power button the mother board lights come on but that is it nothing else, no power up of fans, no post.
Sometime when you press the power button several times the case led lights come on and the system starts, other times you have to remove the plug from the power supply and flush the power before it will start.
I have swapped out the power supply with two other working PSU’s and I get the same thing.
In testing with no peripherals connected the machine starts, connect each peripheral one at a time and it starts. When all peripherals are in and I think success it reverts back to not starting.
I have just completed this process again in replacing the original power supply power up worked each time I added a peripheral. Thinking it was all good a placed the side panels back on the case and it reverted back to not starting when pressing the power button (which does feel a little soft compared to my other computer which is identical). To post I had to partially remove the power plug from the PSU. Of note if I restart the machine form within windows it restarts fine just not when I press the power button.
Could this type of issue be caused by a faulty Power switch on the case, I have read of two or three other people with the same case and very similar problems who after replacing the power switch their problem went away.
If so how do I go about replacing the power supply switch.

Inside the case I have the following, as I said I have two identical systems.
Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
Intel Core i7 6700K
32GB GSKill 2400C
Cosair Hydro H105 Cooler
XFX Pro Series 850w PSU
256gb Evo Pro SSD
500gb Evo SSD