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Thread: P300 case and corsair H115I

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    P300 case and corsair H115I

    I just received my new corsair H115I and was trying fit inside the Phanteks P300, but there are wires connections for the button power. Not sure if i have the latest version of the case, but either in push or pull mode the radiator does not fit.

    Any suggestions what I can do with this ?

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    Hey, have you fixed that issue maybe? If yes, how?

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    In the HardwareCanucks' Top PC Cases of 2017 video at 2:04, he shows a quick peek at the redesigned power button from the underside and explains that Phanteks did redesign the P300 specifically to allow for 280mm radiators. However, I have no idea how to get my hands on it or the difference in model number.

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    I recently put the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum in the Phanteks P300 Black/White case. It is slightly too long to fit in the stock case, but you can use a sharp knife or dremmel to shave off about 12mm from the power button housing, shorten the plastic pcb standoffs, and shorten the plastic power button standoff in the middle of the button and the button will function exactly the same except you gain the 12mm of headroom needed to fit the H115i. I went into this thinking I would have to move the power button somewhere else and dremel a hole for it, but turns out just need some precise cutting of the plastic power button housing and it fits very snuggly.

    I also recommend putting electrical tape on the bottom of the power button pcb to protect it from making contact with the radiator and causing shorts.

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