I recently bought this case with 4 pre-installed fans for my ASUS Maximus VII Ranger. I have aslo Noctua NH-U14S PWM Fan (4pins).

My MB has CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT (both 4 pins). I was little bit confused with PWH Hub. What is the best setup up for the PWM hub?

A) Should I plug CPU fan into CPU_FAN and PWM hub into CPU_OPT?
B) Should I plug CPU fan into CPU_OPT and PWM hub into CPU_FAN?

Should I also plug-in "SATA 12V power input" or should I leave PWH hub with 4 PHANTEKS fans ONLY connect into the MB W/O SATA 12V power input plugged?

How does ASUS AURA Sync work? Do I have to buy PHANTEKS RBG LED Strips for it?