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Thread: French kiss from France

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    Wink French kiss from France

    I'm an old guy from France (who said 39 years old is young?), my sickness of computers started with Atari 800XL(in the middle of other 8bit oddities), then came the wonderful Commodore Amiga (at that time we were laughing at PCs). My actual rig is composed with the following:
    -Zalman GS1000 case
    -Asus Maximus Formula 2
    -Intel E8400 CPU
    -Zalman CNPS 10X Extreme
    -6GB OCZ reaper 1066
    -Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X
    -Corsair 850HX PSU
    -Crucial M4 128 + Velociraptor 150+ WD 500

    Quite old he ! (still run pretty good nonetheless)

    Now, project for my future build.(changed my mind from LGA1150 platform)
    -Phanteks Enthoo Primo+Phanteks fans.
    -Asus Sabertooth X79
    -Intel i7 3820 (looking at ivy bridge E)
    -Phanteks- PH-TC14PE
    -RAM GSKILL 2133 CL9-16GB
    -Enthoo ES700
    -Crucial M4 128GB raid 0 + Storage HDDs.
    well,that's about it. thanks for reading and comments are welcome.
    All the best !
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    Thanks for reply ! Well, i don't yet for sure, still studying the best solution since i'm aiming for the better performance/consumption ratio, without talking about cooling and noise.I find the high end cards to be very hungry at least at full you see.Nvidia or AMD? dunno i always used AMD GPUs. I'm eager to see the specs of the 8000 series vs 7000.

    PS: Phanteks Enthoo rocks ! Thumbs up !

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