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Thread: Controlling fan speed with PWM Fan Hub on Evolv ATX and MOBO headers

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    Controlling fan speed with PWM Fan Hub on Evolv ATX and MOBO headers

    So i know the title sucks but i couldnt find a better one.
    i built a new system recently on my new Evolv ATX case which is the first that i have seen a PWM hub.
    on that case there 's a Asus Rog z370-F Mobo, a Samsung evo950 Nvme, an I5 8600k an Asus GTX1070 and a Corsair h80i CPU cooler etc.

    My first problem was that ASUS AI Suite didnt install on my PC then the AURA couldnt find the MOBO leds(those 2 problems are still there i couldnt fix them but its not the place)
    The problem that i want to ask you about is that my old chasis had a dial button which allowed me to control the fan speed without any issues now i cant so my new system is loud AF.
    both my CPU cooler and Phanteks PWM HUB said that they should be plugged into the CPU Cooler socket So at first i connected my CPU cooler to the CPU FAN socket on my mobo and the Hub to the Motherboard Fan socket. PC worked fine but i wasnt able to control the fan speeds thru BIOS.(i use the latest firmware) İ talked to a friend and he said that i should change the Cpu coolers socket to the AIO socket on the mobo and change the PWM HUB to CPU FAN socket. i did that and when i tried to restart it gave the error : NO CPU FAN DETECTED.
    so i went and changed on the (temp/fan)monitor options IGNORE CPU FAN which is probably stupid but at least i can now turn my pc on without issue . BUT AGAIN i cannot control the fan speeds. they all blow at the max and giving me headache.
    What should i do which way is the correct way to do this to be able to control fan speeds thorugh a software please help i really would appreciate it.

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    trying things over and over again i have found the solution to this.

    the led was plugged in to my mobo. rgb socket. removing it fixed the problem.
    now it works perfectly.

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    yHad the same problem with ai suite. only solution is to clean install windows 10. Than it works perfectly

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    Thank you very much for letting me know

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