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Thread: Problem with PCIe riser

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    Unhappy Problem with PCIe riser

    Hey there,

    I am experiencing some problems with my PCIe riser card and found this thread:

    At the moment I am not able to boot the system with anything installed in the PCIe riser, I have tested multiple graphics cards and the whole configuration outside of the case / w/o riser card.

    I wrote an email to last week but didn't get a response yet.

    Seeing as I would like to use a graphics card in my case what would be your recommendation for dealing with this? Should I just wait and see or go ahead and buy another riser card?

    The system is working well so far and I am very happy with the case itself.


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    With computex less than 2 week away most of computer industry is scrambling to get ready and customer support often is not as good for a few weeks before show. Sorry you are having riser problems and I can't help. Never had a problem with mine, just plugged everything in and it works.
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