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Thread: Did 10 Phanteks Halos Lux work?!

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    Did 10 Phanteks Halos Lux work?!

    Well guys....i'm planning to buy 10 Halos Lux fame for my 10 EK Vardar fan (6 for 2 rads and 4 for the case), so..will it work?! My mobo is MSI Z370 Gaming Pro AC, if it's work well, do i need anything else?! Thank you all for reading & answer 😌
    *i don't want to buy rgb fan, it's suck performance for rads*

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    I don't know how many of them you can chain together. I have 4 chained right now. It can probably chain 5-6 easy, not sure about 10. But if you have two RGB headers, you should be able to do it.

    Also you might want to look into the "digital" halos lux frames.

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    I've been told Halos are rated 0.3-0.4A each. Most motherboard RGB headers are rated 2-3amp, so I wouldn't try running them all on one header.

    Both Halos and Halos Lux 120mm have 18 LEDs and 140mm have 21 LEDs.

    400mm strip have 21 LEDs and are rated 0.42A / 5.04W of power

    Hope that helps.
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