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Thread: PWM HUB demaged

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    Exclamation PWM HUB demaged

    Hello. I need to deal with PWM hub involvement. I have Phanteks Enthoo cases for SE. At installation I let everything involved as it was from the manufacturer. I connected power from the source and 4pin to the motherboard on CHA_FAN. I turned on the PC and a smoke came out of the PWM HUB, and a spark blew out of the motherboard connector. Did I get anything wrong?
    I apologize for my English - google
    thank you for your advice

    Phanteks Enthoo Primo se
    Asus ROG Strix Z370-F

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    Not sure, but probably did something wrong.

    How did you have the Phanteks PWM controlled variable voltage fan hub plugged in?

    How many fans and what is the amp or watt rating of each fan you had plugged into hub?
    According to your manual CHA_FAN! header is PWM.

    Phanteks PWM fan hub is not a PWM fan hub. It is a PWM controlled variable voltage fan hub. It uses a PWM controlled fan header to control variable voltage fans and monitor 1 fan's rpm.
    The hub needs to be plugged to PSU for power for fans. If hub is plugged into a variable voltage fan header the fans will run at full speed all the time.
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    All fans that are used are originally delivered to the case. They were already mounted there. Likewise, the PWM HUB. I just connected the SATA power from PSU to HUB and 4pin from HUB to CHA_FAN on the motherboard

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