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Thread: Are the X470 mobo compatible for Phanteks Digital RGB?

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    Are the X470 mobo compatible for Phanteks Digital RGB?

    Hello there, I have a few questions which I would like to clarify. First off, after doing some research on the Phanteks Digital RGB Halos & Strips, I've learnt that they're compatible on a 3pin header addressable motherboards, which the likes of Asus and Msi carry. However, Gigabyte Fusion RGB isn't on the compatibility list.

    I'm assuming that's because phanteks are using the old X370 or Z370 motherboards as a reference to determine if the new digital rgb products are compatible. This judgement could have been based on the 3pin header which both ASUS & MSI carry, thus, supporting the idea that they're compatible.

    Unfortunately, Gigabyte's motherboards come with a 5pin header, which doesn't support the 3pin plug of the digital rgb products.

    However, Gigabyte's X470 boards include a dedicated 3pin addressable header to support digital leds. Thus, I'm wondering if the digital rgb halos & trips would work if I plug them into the 3pin header of the Gigabyte X470 motherboard and be controllable via the Fusion Software.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. God bless!!

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    Being in Canada took a while for amazon to ship to me. But I am here to confirm they do work on Gigabyte motherboards. It really sucks this information wasn't available. I just bought the digital fan brackets anyway.

    I am testing this on a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7. I assume it would work on any gigabyte board with a GDV 3 pin digital RGB header.

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