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Thread: Glacier r220 Pump Compatibility

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    Glacier r220 Pump Compatibility

    Hey, im new at Custom watercooling and i have a question about the glacier r220. On the phanteks Website its only compatible with DDC pumps but on other websites it says its compatible with ddc or D5 pumps . The shops says low profil ddc /d5 pumps. What is true now? Can u recommend me a good pump ? I would Pay up to 130 and prefer a D5 if its possible ( every forum said to use D5 rather then ddc for Performance etc.)

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    I would better trust phanteks website than other websites. Have you tried to ask them directly about it?

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    If you find the answer please let us know. Would be nice to have this information in our database here
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    they are just for DDC pumps if you can get a picture of the hole block and see were the pump fits you carnt get a d5 in there hope this answers your question or better still email phanteks them selfs and they wil put you at ease

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