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Thread: Asus crosshair VII and halos lux daisy-chain issue

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    Unhappy Asus crosshair VII and halos lux daisy-chain issue

    I just bought 3 of halos lux for my noctua fans.

    I already using one of 4pin rgb header(there are 2 of them on my ch7),
    so i just connected all of my halo on another pin by daisy-chain.

    Before I made chain connection, I connected each of halos just for test.
    There are no problem on lighting and color sync.
    so I tried daisy chain, then it went to wrong.

    Blue is ok but green color looks very yellowy, and red is just white.

    I had checked all of connection and there is no misconnected cable.

    Anyone knows about this problem? thanks.

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    I think its with kissanime the daisy-chain that groupme you did nothing else. Either the motherboard cant send proper codes to the halos or its not letgo supposed be connected that way.
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    Double check the connection to the motherboard as it has to be connected round the right way.

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    yes, may be connection to the kissanime motherboard has not done properly. Otherwise, last week i saw this same when my colleague was working.
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