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Thread: Help with installing phanteks fan frames.

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    Help with installing phanteks fan frames.

    I am not sure how to install phanteks fan frames. I have the single frame and don't know where to connect the 2 wire ends. Both of they do not fit on the rgb header securely. Do i need some sort of adaptor or something? I have connect the wire into sys fan 2. Any help appreciated.

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    Following, I have the same problem. I have watched manuals but they are not really helpful.

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    Im assuming youre using halo/ halo lux fan frames. In order to connect them to a motherboard header you have to use an adapter (currently 3 dollars on newegg). Your motherboard also has to have the rgb header and support phanteks rgb sync (asus, msi, gigabyte all support it). Also, since this is a fan frame, it cannot go into a system fan header. It must go to an rgb controller (such as the one that comes with p400s case) or a motherboard header. Hope this helped.

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