View Full Version : TechPowerUp Phanteks Enthoo Primo review scores 9.4

08-21-2013, 10:26 AM
TechPowerUp did a nice job with their review.

Phanteks managed to turn heads when the company first released their colored high-end coolers. Their first foray into the competitive chassis market, the Enthoo Primo, is also a force to be reckoned with. The chassis offers excellent watercooling possibilities and takes things one step further by not only giving the user lots of choice when installing radiators but also including pump and reservoir mounts. The PSU bay and cover/reservoir mount inside the chassis have also been segmented well, allowing for nearly all cables to be hidden away nicely. Phanteks is also one of the few companies to completely hide all drives in the chassis while opening the door to modders or limited editions of the chassis with the plaque and its window. They even included four of their retail fans with the Enthoo Primo, and the PCB on the back of the motherboard tray allows for the use of PWM with more affordable 3-pin fans. Small details, like the ability to turn off all lighting elements, even those you add to the mix, show that Phanteks has really put a lot of thought into introducing new functionality instead of simply copying others. The Enthoo Primo's overall visual design of straight lines and rounded curves may appear quite abstract at first, but the blue LED strip just looks awesome once everything is in place and the system has been turned on.

The Enthoo Primo offers all of this at an excellent price, making it a real contender to the Obsidian 800D or Phantom 820 and a worthy alternative for those who want loads of watercooling potential for less than the, to give an example, Obsidian 900D.