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09-18-2013, 03:20 PM
Vortex says:

Enthoo Primo is a fantastic first attempt at computer case design from Phanteks. They have certainly excelled themselves in almost every area and cooling enthusiasts will be pleased to discover countless options for radiators available inside this stunning chassis. Other case manufacturers ought to be very afraid... We very rarely hand out our prestigious platinum award, but Primo has excelled and we are pleased to highly recommend this case.

Bill W
09-18-2013, 06:12 PM
Looks like they made a few mistakes in what length of GPU will fit (pgs 7 & 8).

On p.7 they wrote:

The only aspect which caused an initial problem was the metal bracket which conceals the cable management grommets on the prominent side. Installing a graphics card longer than 9.5” in length means this bracket has to be removed from the chassis which is unfortunate as it’s a great little feature to have inside a case.

That's misleading at best. Cards longer than 9.5" but less than 10.9" only need the plastic cover from the bracket removed. The bracket itself can stay intact, as it has a recess in it to accommodate longer cards up to 10.9".

On p.8 they wrote:

Our XFX HD 7970 DD which is 10.5”, would not fit inside Primo with the bracket/cover attached.

Their card is actually 10.8" I do believe, and while it is too long to fit with the res bracket cover on, it should have fit with the res bracket intact with the cover removed (Phanteks' specs say clearance is 10.9" or "277 mm (reservoir bracket installed w/o cover)", but for their build they removed the entire thing and implied it had to be taken out for the card to fit.

In the first Monstermawd / Jesse video they measured it at just shy of 11" & showed that a 10.5" Titan will fit in there with the bracket in place, and that was without removing the expansion slot bracket in the back that would have given them a few more mm's.

Then they write:

With the bracket/cover taken out of the case, cards up to 11.5” will fit inside Primo before the card touches the HDD cage. – the HDD cage can also be taken out, allowing unlimited space for anything currently on the market.

That's just wrong. The image they have shows them holding a ruler that shows that 11.5" hits somewhere about the middle of the res bracket, and the ruler shows that there's more than 13" of clearance with no HDD cage in sight yet.

Phanteks' specs say there's 13.78" or "350 mm (no reservoir bracket)" and 15.35" or "390 mm (HDD cages in front position)". So, unless I'm mistaken and there's some super long GPU out there I've never heard of, there should be plenty of "space for anything currently on the market" with the HDD cages intact.

Then again, in the recap/conclusions on p.11 of their review, they mention twice that "Concealment bracket has to be removed for graphics cards over 9.5” which is not true. Again, the cover on the bracket would need removed, but not the bracket unless the card was longer than 10.9".

I assume Phanteks sent them an early release case expecting a fair review. Perhaps someone from Phanteks should be asking them to make some corrections asap.

Bill W
09-20-2013, 04:52 AM
OK looks like Vortez has made corrections to their review based on the issues I raised about it. Good for them, and for Phanteks. ;-)

phanteks rep
09-20-2013, 04:42 PM
Vortez - Enthoo Primo Video Review


09-21-2013, 03:30 AM
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