View Full Version : I'd buy the Evolve ATX chassis if offered without window

06-04-2015, 04:46 AM
Not all of us want a window, even if it was tempered glass (never mind acrylic). The ATX Evolve case is the closest thing I've seen to the type of case some still prize, for some time. If only you offered a version without the acrylic window it'd be perfect, and I know it would generate more sales for Phanteks. Plenty of people still like thick aluminum side paneling, of solid construction, no wobbling.

Even if you simply offered an option where a solid side panel could be bought to replace the side with the cheap acrylic window-only version offered, depending on price, I guarantee you'd gain some new customers. I'm aware many "enthusiasts" have been completely sold on the idea of replacing excellent, solid material, like aluminum or steel, with acrylic, as a way to "show off" the components inside. Great way to target the mainstream, but you're missing a crucial opportunity to gain new customers and truly distinguish yourselves by neglecting a fully solid paneling option.

It's not easy to find an all aluminum case with a thick (>=2mm) outside shell. More difficult still, to find one that is of quality build, without any rivets, with functionality and flexibility, and most importantly: reasonably priced. The Evolve series, (especially the ATX version) could potentially master the above qualifications above all others.

If the Phanteks Evolve ATX was to have a no window version, it would be the only case in it's class. PLEASE consider offering an option to offer 2 solid panels for it.

06-07-2015, 09:48 AM
I wonder if the side doors are interchangeable. If they are it would be a simple matter of getting another right side door.

I'll try and find out if they are. I know a reviewer who has one.

Edit: Sides are not interchangable. :(

06-27-2015, 11:54 AM
I was looking at some of the reviews and found a couple of pics showing the doors and hinges. Looks like all htat is needed is to get a second right side door and move the hinges from windowed door.

Back showing hinge placement. Looks like both top and bottom hinges are same distance from top and bottom of door

Right side door

Left side door

If the hinges are equal distance from top and bottom of case, then the un-windowed door from right side could be fit on left side in place of windowed door. Just a matter of talking Phanteks into selling us the un-windowed right side door. :D