View Full Version : Evolv ITX or Evolv (mATX) - Which One?

07-01-2015, 08:06 AM
I'm having a hard time choosing between these two cases. I can get the black window Evolv ITX for $70 USD. The black Evolv (mATX) is $130 USD but until July 5th in four days there is a $20 mail-in cash rebate on Newegg. I kind of like the new grey version too (the paint looks close to an aluminum finish) but the rebate excludes that one for some unknown reason.

I also have a serious dilemma for either case on which Nvidia GTX 980Ti to use; either the reference blower design or a higher performance aftermarket cooler version, depending on which Evolv case model I select. I am only interested in using a single GPU that's why the Evolv ITX is appealing to me and it looks somewhat better to the eye. I need recommendations for either scenario:

Evolv ITX - 980Ti reference or non-reference? I'm concerned about the PSU shroud airflow to the GPU if using a multi-fan aftermarket cooler design and how much of an air gap distance is there between the GPU and PSU?
Evolv (mATX) - single 980Ti reference or non-reference? I'm concerned about internal case temperatures. Some reviews report less that average case cooling airflow which seems strange.