View Full Version : Anthracite Gray Enthoo Evolv ATX availability

10-17-2015, 08:42 PM
Aloha, Phanteks

Any idea when the Gray Evolv ATX will be back in stock in North America? I've ordered one off of Amazon but it's been out of stock for a few weeks. I need to get something in a reasonable time frame, but I've been holding out for the case I want. I've also set a stock alert from Newegg, but so far nothing.

If it's going to be awhile, I'll switch my order to the satin black model and get it off Newegg. I live in Hawaii, so I'll get charged an extra $80 for shipping. (This is why I go to Amazon for larger items; shipping is killer to Hawaii). However, I need a case badly enough to pay for the extra shipping. The only thing is, I would hate to switch to the black model and find out the anthracite was back in stock a week later. Could you give me a heads up?