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11-30-2015, 08:28 PM
Well, hi :)

I just recently got me an Evolv ATX. Really a pretty sweet case. Built it, and connected the PWM hub according to the manual. 4 PIN cable to CPU_0 on the MB, all 3 fans connected to connector 1-2&3, plugged in the sata connector. Its not that hard ;)

The thing is - It wont regulate sh*t. The Mobo reads the speed of FAN1 like it should. But no matter what, 1300 rpm it is! I tried switching MoBo pins with CPU_1 wich was regulating my AiO cooler just fine but again - 1300 rpm. I found out that the only way to regulate my fans is to UNPLUG the SATA power connector. Thats working fine for now. 35% duty, 600 rpm and finally - silence. But i plan on building a custom loop later on wich will have 5 fans then and im not really comfortable with running 5 fans of a single 4 pin on the MB.

Is it me beeing to stupid to connect the thing right or is my hub defective? Ive read some threads about people having problems with that hub but one says you need to connect the SATA connector, another said disconnect it, a third thread told me Hub "duds" were pretty common - I dont know which one is right by now. Somebody got an idea?


12-02-2015, 04:15 AM
my guess is your mobo is set to variable voltage control, not PWM.

What is the amp rating of the 3 fans? If it is less than 1 amp total for all 3, try unplugging the PSU power lead to hub and see if you have speed control then. If they are then controlled, your CPU fan header is variable voltage.

01-14-2016, 04:28 PM
It says in the manual I think, 12V connector is only if you want 100% fan speed.

01-14-2016, 04:47 PM
Show me that in the manual please.

Me thinks you dreamed that in a nightmare or need new glasses.

01-14-2016, 09:58 PM
No need to be an ass about it, I read it somewhere while putting my pc together. Otherwise I would have connected V12 Sata as well and asked about it here.

01-15-2016, 11:44 AM
No need to be an ass about it, I read it somewhere while putting my pc together. Otherwise I would have connected V12 Sata as well and asked about it here.
Your statement is at the very least totally out of context. It has no relevance to PWM fan hub's function when using PWM signal from mobo.

You posted misinformation. It really does not matter if you misinterpreted what you read or not. It is still a false statement .. and I called you on it. Now you say I'm an ass because you posted false information?
Seems you got it backwards.

I use these hubs all the time and they work very well. I have helped many owners get their systems working properly with these hubs. I know what I'm talking about .. something you do not.

My guess is you misinterpreted what you read. I tried to say that and make a joke about your mistake. Now I'm saying it plain and to the point. If you do not know for sure what you are writing about, don't write anything at all!

The Phanteks PWM fan hub is designed to use PWM signal form mobo and 12v power from PSU to control the speed of 3-pin variable voltage fans.

It can also be used as a fan splitter hub with variable voltage from mobo to control fan plugged into hub. If this is done, the motherboard is not sending a PWM signal on pin-4,but is instead varying the voltage on pin-2. If using the hub this way you plug in the PSU the fans will run at full speed on the 12v power from PSU.

But manuals I have seen have never said "12V connector is only if you want 100% fan speed" when using the PWM control.