View Full Version : Side 240mm radiator (Enthoo Primo)

12-18-2015, 02:09 PM
This is my first post here so hello. And a big thanks for any answers I may receive.
My current water loop consists of a EK XE480mm (Top) and Coolgate Xflow 480mm (bottom), these do a marvellous job of cooling my SLi GTX 980s and 5830K. But always the tinkerer I'm looking to maybe squeeze another 240mm on the side of my case. (Enthoo Primo)
At the moment all my radiator 120mm fans are exhausting. I have also 5 140mm case fans. 1 of which is exhaust and the other 4 are drawing air in.
Now for me to put a 240 rad on the side of my case it would have to use the 2 X 140mm to blow through it, putting warm air into the case. Is this a good idea?
Would this extra rad be worth it in the end?