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01-27-2016, 04:06 PM
Hi there PWM hub confusion-ista!

I can sum this all up in a few lines.

First the obvious things, the first thing you notice is power cable and connector. There is 1, yes ONE, 4 pin fan connector. What you dont see, unless you actually read the instructions backwards and sideways, and ...,

to continue...

What you dont see is that this 4 pin connector is actually an input (YES, I SAID INPUT!), meaning its connected to the motherboard, preferably the 2nd CPU connector, on my board is called CPU_OPT. [Side note: various MB makers call the same connector different names ] The reason for this is that the 4-pins used for the CPU fans are guaranteed to be PWM, all the rest of the on-board fan connectors dont have the same guarantee, but it does vary board to board.

The 2nd obvious thing about the fan hub is that it has one fan connector that is a different color, most are wright. There is a reason for this too! That particular connector is used to sense the fan speed of 1 fan.

That one fan speed dictates how fast the rest of the fans connected to the PWN_HUB. This also means that you want the identical fans on the fan hub to squeeze the optimal performance from all the fans on the HUB. Think of it like you are using copy and paste in WindowsX, you copy the speed on Fan1(white connector) and paste it to any fans connected to the rest of the Fan slots.

The PWM HUB itself uses the 4-pin signal from the MB to control any 3-pin (or 4-pin) fans as if they were actual PWM fans.

See! It's Simple!

The really nice thing about this is that programs like Speedfan can use CPU_OPT (or whatever your MB calls the 2nd CPU fan connector) to control the speed of ALL the fans connected to the PWM HUB as if were 1 single fan.

DTG out!

06-22-2016, 08:26 PM
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06-24-2016, 03:53 AM
Couple of clarifications;

The Phanteks fan hub is not a PWM fan hub. It is a PWM controlled adapter hub that uses the PWM signal to control 3-pin variable voltage fan speed to fans connected to it.
It is best to plug it hub to motherboard CPU fan header, not CPU opt fan header. This is because not all CPU opt fan headers are PWM controlled, but almost all CPU fan headers are.
The rpm sensor from hub to motherboard does not control fan speed. It only send the rpm signal from one fan so we can see this fan's speed.