View Full Version : Radiator bracket fans

05-29-2016, 01:07 PM
Hello, i have phanteks enthoo evolv atx case. I want to make sure i can install 2 140mm fans in radiator bracket, that is without installing radiator, just the fans as exhaust fans. Im unsure if this is possible but i think so?

06-01-2016, 12:23 AM
Yes you can, but I would not advise it because it would most likely increase component temperatures, not lower them. 2x 140mm front intakes with 1x 140mm rear exhaust is best setup for air cooling. This give good front to back airflow.

06-01-2016, 07:23 AM
Thanks for the warning, i cancelled my fan order because of it. So with radiator it has positive effect on temperatures (top fans)?

06-01-2016, 08:12 AM
With radiators and closing off all unused open areas between component compartment and top so the fans the air is flowing through radiator is pushed out of case, not back down around components and radiator fans. If it does come back down, it heats up the air going to radiator and other components. ;)
I'm running an old i7 980x (130w TDP before overclock) and KFA2 GTX 770 OC LTD (300w TDP) with 2x front intakes and 1x rear and all is well. Stress testing they get into the 70s, but normaluse is 50s & 60s with fans making enough sound to know system is working hard .. maybe 35dB(A)