View Full Version : Used the hub for first time cant manage to get fans spinning.

06-05-2016, 02:42 AM
I got a enthoo luxe a few months ago and i never used the hub cause i had enough headers. well today i decided to max them all out but to my dismay the hub doesnt appear to be working. I just want them to go 100 percent all the time. Is this a dead hub?

I connected the cable to cpu fan then filled all 6 connectors with 3 pin fans and connected the sata cable for power. I assumed this would max out the rpm on all of them but none of them were spinning.

shouldnt just the sata cable be able to power the hub and max out the 6 fans?
I had to remove a fan and use a molex to 3 pin connector for one fan.

Im not 100 percent sure i have PWM fans headers on my mobo but i had all 4 pin headers and cpufan cpu2nd and 4 chassis fans. Its a p8z77 ws.