View Full Version : The Ultimate Cube Case

09-04-2016, 07:12 AM
I have created the perfect cube case design that will hide PSU and all cables, while simultaneously giving builders the ultimate freedom of 120mm/140mm variations of fan/radiator panels or window panels. Allowing enough room for push/pull configs on all sides.

Picture a perfect cube with equal sized sides and three levels. The bottom level would hide PSU, cables, SSD, HDD, etc. and be surrounded by sound dampening material. Bottom of the case could have optional wheels or case feet. The middle level of course has the horizontal motherboard tray with the usual rubber grommets and cable drops. One section towards the front can be opened on its bottom for those who want free standing tube reservoirs. The front of the middle level could have panel options also. The rear of the middle level is of course the motherboard I/O. The sides of the middle level would be focused on increasing structural integrity. The top level is just completely open allowing for tall air CPU coolers or the builder's choice of fan/radiator panels, window panels, or sound dampening panels on all sides of the top level.

It could be created in different sizes to accomodate:

240mm~280mm (compact)
360mm~420mm (regular)
480mm~560mm (XL)

No other case can offer this many radiator/push-pull fan configuration options or window panel options. It's like saying to the builder, "We understand your desire for extreme!"

The horizontal motherboard tray allows builders to show off their GPU liquid cooling better or gives them the option attaching fans directly in front of the GPU. Most cases lack this.

No matter what your preference of any combination of silent, air, or liquid...this case has you covered!