View Full Version : Phanteks Enthoo Pro M - No accessories/modular brackets for sale anywhere?

10-25-2016, 10:25 AM

I recently bought the Pro M to insert the ICYBOX internal enclosure/backplane into it, I was so mistaken.

Alright, not too much of a deal, let's do it the usual way with brackets instead... Nope, there's not enough to fit my 5 disks into it.

Okay, I'll buy the modular brackets then, let's look for a shop, none except 1(Proshop), 5x modular brackets (PH-HDDKT_02) = 61 USD with shipping!?, I paid 90 for the case, not happening.

Great, I find Phanteks US store, 5x brackets + Lock-on SSD bracket = 42 USD, sweet, way better deal! *checks out with PayPal* Nope, not shipping to Norway.

Amazon UK Store? 80 USD? That's without 25% tax and customs clearance, I might as well buy a new case at that stage.

Note: I've checked with the majority of the resellers here in Norway + Phanteks US support mail, I simply can't find a decent deal here.

Sigh, I'm now at a loss.. :(