View Full Version : P400s Air intake

01-13-2017, 02:33 PM

Recently I acquired the P400s with the side windows.

Loving the chasis but I've encounted an odd problem with the air intake.
The problem is regarding the air that blows in from two Corsair ML140 pro (Also tried with Phanteks PF-140SP) in the front.
My GPU (MSI 1070 armor) is reaching over 80 degrees celcius during load wich makes the card throttle abit.

Tried alot of different things to solve the problem but not before I pulled off the front of the P400s did I get results.
During load in Furmark my GPU jumped from 81 down to 69 just by taking off the front!
I have tried removig the plastikgrills and dustfilters without doing anything to the temp.

It's like the front cover restricts cold air from getting in front of the fans or something. Really have no clue what to try but hoping someone here on thise boards have a solution thats not "Buy another chasis" or "Leave the front off".

Thanks in advance..