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02-14-2017, 11:35 AM

I am doing a project where i intend to use the Phanteks Power Splitter, and have a question about that :D

first some back-story,
the plan is to mod my desk so there will be 2 systems built-in/underneath the desk

i will have 1 system used as primarily as a (stream)server and secondary as a NAS, main specs are;
AMD 990fx motherboard, 1100T (6core), 8GB Ram, 4-6 Satadisks, nvidia gt520 (no extra power needed for this vga)

second system will be the new workstation, and handles everything (work and play)
AMD Ryzen motherboard + cpu, 32GB ram, some disks, and a VGA (still to decide, but count on high-end for power requirements) and a lot of pheripherals like webcam/mic/ etc

because of the layout underneath the desk, i think i will end up building something like this (based on my best logical reasoning behind it) i will try to go from "wall-outlet" into both pc's with some measurements.

Wall-outlet to PSU, 100 cm, 230V
PSU to Power Splitter, 60 cm, 24 pin
Power Splitter to Workstation, 50 cm, 24 pin extension
Power Splitter to Server, 150 cm, 3x 24 pin extension

So hopefully you will understand where this is going now......

.... i want to use 3 extension cables (24 pin) from the Power Splitter to the server, but is this okay???

Is there a "maximum" length for the 24-pin extension, or can we just daisy chain a bunch of them without significant losses? better question probably is......how much extension cables can we daisychain (if at all)?

thanks for reading!

ps. how did this end/did it got resolved? http://phanteks.com/forum/showthread.php?408-The-killer-Phanteks-power-splitter&highlight=power+splitter

EDIT: forgot to mention the PSU, Corsair AX860i