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05-24-2017, 08:53 AM
Good morning.

I am writing to make an inquiry on the potential of working with Phanteks on an upcoming custom PC build that I would like to make both the centerpiece of my new website, and the first build to review computer components for. I have tried emailing numerous addresses within Phanteks in the past weeks with no response at all, so I thought I would bring my inquiry here.

I am an aspiring tech reviewer looking to start both a webpage (currently being developed and finalized) and YouTube channel called "Tech News 4 Tech Noobs" to discuss computer components such as cases, video cards, etc...and builds that I create to showcase the products for these companies. Similar models of this initiative would be people such as Jay from Jayztwocents (my primary inspiration), Kyle from Bitwit/Awsomesauce Network, Dimitri from Hardware Canuks, and of course Linus from Linus Tech Tips.

My current plan for a build would showcase the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass case, and utilize a custom water cooling loop highlighting the newly released Glacier series CPU and GPU water blocks, and the new Phanteks Glacier series fittings. And along with all this Phanteks awesomeness, we should not forget the Phanteks PH-F140MP Radiator Fans, in black, of course. And with the beautiful angles of the Phanteks case and fittings, it will be paired with a Watercool Heatkiller Reservoir to compliment the angles of the Phanteks components. This build would then be one of the centerpieces of my channel on Youtube, similar to what is seen on Hardware Canucks, BitWit, and Jayztwocents, thereby keeping the Phanteks product name out among the viewing public and pushing sales towards the company.

Thus far my build plan is looking to reach around the $5000+ mark, with approximately $1200 of that being Phanteks components alone. What I would like to know is if there is any certain criteria that Phanteks uses to evaluate any sponsored builds that they might consider putting their name behind, or if there are price discounts involved for builds that are done that will be showcased online for mass viewers to see, which could potentially help drive sales and business to Phanteks. A full parts list of my planned build can be provided upon request.

Regardless of the answer, thank you so much for making such beautiful cases and components for the PC enthusiast community. And thank you for your time and consideration in this matter as well. Have a wonderful Day.


Todd Lucas
Creator - Tech News 4 Tech Noobs

05-27-2017, 10:48 AM
wow...over 40 views and no one replies? /sad panda :(

05-28-2017, 05:23 AM
Phanteks, like other popular companies gets all kinds of sponsorship requests. From reading your post it appears you are not very experienced .. and that makes it hard to get sponsors. This problem is compounded by the fact Computex 2017 is just starting and everyone in the industry is super busy getting ready, setting up booths, and snowing products to other companies.

05-28-2017, 09:54 AM
Experienced vs Well known. I've been building rigs and working with tech for quite a while now, but am just now getting inspired to do something for people along the lines of what I defined here.

And I understand all about Computex and all hitting right now, but I've been trying to reach someone with Phanteks for months now with no results. Hence this post.

05-29-2017, 08:50 AM
I think it's a combination of experience and being known. That combined with Phanteks being very popular and having many people now trying to get them to sponsor their projects. They have so many well known people asking for sponsorship they have to turn some away, so it's almost impossible for someone who is not well known to get sponsored.

05-30-2017, 12:15 PM
Wel that's a little frustrating then. I know they have a lot of people wanting sponsorships, but I would actually take what they have and put it in every frame/shot of videos I create for the channel I am wanting to start on YouTube.

But I guess Phanteks doesn't think they need any more publicity, even though there are only 3 actual review I have seen of any of the new Glacier blocks/fittings, one even done by Dmitry over at Hardware Canucks and two others from channels I haven't seen a lot of (and have a lot less viewership).

Oh well...guess that's one dream shattered. Especially since someone at Phanteks can't even be bothered to reply to tell me no from a corporate standpoint, even after Computex is over.

*** Still surprised no one from Phanteks official hasn't responded to me on this, or their criteria for sponsorship/partnership. :( ***