View Full Version : Halos Lux Fan Frame

10-20-2017, 11:15 AM
Hi at all i'm new in this forum and i'm italian, if i make mistakes sorry.
I have a question, there is a way to connect 6 halos lux 120 and 5 halos lux 140 with only one connector on motherboard?
I explain my situation. I've the Enthoo Primo white version and in total, i put inside of it:
- 3 120 fans top radiator (pull) (connected to motherboard)
- 1 back 120 radiator (pull) for GPU (connected inside the GPU - Waterforce 1080ti aorus)
- 1 back-bottom push 140,
- 2 push 140 bottom,
- 2 frontal - push 140
- 2 middle frontal push 120 (on the hd cage).
I want to use one rgb 12v on my motherboard (Aorus x399 gaming 7) for rgb stripes and the other one for connecting all the halos lux.
I think to many ways for doing it but i don't sure wich one is correct:
1. I must connect it all in series mode like the phanteks rgb stripes with the cable adapter that phanteks give to us?
2. i must use an rgb hub to connect all the rgb connector of the halos lux and only in one connect to the motherboard
3. i must use something else?
Thank in advace to all.