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About Loudoom
In these trying times of hardship and uncertainty, there are plenty of those who talk the talk. But fail miserably when it comes time to walk the walk. Instead of waiting on the powers that be to start giving out a helping hand, knowing that in the real world, nobody looks out for the little guy, itís time we take matters into our own hands.

This is the worst economic disaster in our nationís history. Letís not dwell on who should be held accountable, because chances are weíll never receive that kind of justice.

The only way out of this mess, is if we ourselves start helping each other out. Money is tight for everyone. But our history also proves: that we were never afraid of rolling up our sleeves and putting in an honest dayís work. That we take pride in everything we do, and want to make it a better world for our children, and our grandchildren. And when others around us are in need, or are in trouble, we are always the first to answer the call for help. That is our legacy.

So please remember:

Weíve all gotten to where we are, because weíve received a heck of a lot of support along the way. We ought to happily offer our thanks. If you get a chance to help someone, or to offer them an opportunity, take it. Not only will you and those around you be happier, youíll all be more productive too. Donít fixate on those that stand in your way; to give them any of your precious creative energy, is a waste.

~Lou Doom


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