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    Enthoo Primo SE included PWM HUB question

    What happen if I connect only sata power to Enthoo Primo PWM HUB (also on any third party PWM HUBs) but not connect PWM connector to MB. Fans will run at full speed or I can damage hub?

    I say...
  2. Fan Controllers are Unavailable - PHANTEKS AVAILABILITY IN POLAND


    So talking shortly , I am from Poland. I am owner of Phanteks Enthoo Primo Special Edition RED and now I waiting for availability of newest Phanteks Pro 2 and Enthoo 719 I want take both of...
  3. When Phanteks Enthoo Primo and SE editions get a Tempered Glass version?

    Waiting with buy of this case until get a tempered glass edition...All other cheaper cases get a version with glass - when exacly I can expect Enthoo Primo with tempered glass version also with LEDS...
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