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    Customer support

    Like a lot of you, I am waiting for the release of the Enthoo Primo in white. There has been many inquiries on here for an updated release date, but no answers. Another post about an extremely slow and /or lack of response from the customer support department about an RMA of a defective part.

    So I guess I'm writing this as a call out to Phanteks for some answers. If anyone is listening you really should pay closer attention to your customers. Even if you have no answers... say so. Being quiet only makes me think you don't care. I've read in many forums of people collecting parts for a build waiting for this case to be released. I'm one of them. But without information I feel it may be time to consider other options.

    What I'm looking for... and I'm sure that I am not alone, is that you keep us posted. Show us some love. That we matter to you. The forum here is small and wouldn't be very difficult to monitor and answer peoples questions as they come up.

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    I'm in kind of the same situation, but with the Enthoo Luxe. After I had to RMA my Xigmatek Elysium, I was obviously looking for a new case. When I heard about the Luxe and that is was going to released some time in march, I decided to wait for it. That was mid of February.
    I've been using a motherboard box for over a month now. Some transparency would be much appreciated.

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    @Walsh430s We will be taking preorders for the white Enthoo Primo these next two weeks on With orders expecting to ship the week of the 14th.

    @Blade The Enthoo Luxe release has been delayed and more details will be announced in the middle of April.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian@phanteks View Post
    The Enthoo Luxe release has been delayed and more details will be announced in the middle of April.
    Well, here it is, nearly the end of April and still waiting on news of the Luxe. I agonized for months over which case to build my new rig in. Nothing was quite right. I liked some of the features of the H440 and some of the other NZXT cases but the color schemes left me cold. Black with red trim, looking like a particle board and plastic media center one would pick up at Walmart? Blik! My agony ended when I saw the CES footage of the Enthoo Luxe. I absolutely knew I wanted to build in THAT case! No other case would do.

    Believing it would be available in March, I began refining my parts list, searching every few days for a link to purchase or pre-order the case. I already had my CPU from the Intel Retail Edge promotion in December. As fantastic sale prices appeared on certain parts, I started purchasing; A blu-ray burner here, keyboard there, the insane PNY SSD deal of recent days (I bought three!). Just today, I ordered RAM. Still, no news of the Enthoo Luxe beyond a vague mention that it had been "delayed".

    Meanwhile, unexpected expenses, such as an emergency trip out of state due to a death in the family, whittled away at my laboriously saved budget. I've had to scale back my expectations slightly (no water cooling to start with) after this most recent setback but I'm not giving up yet! I haven't built a new rig in probably eight years or more because every time I had gotten funds up to a reasonable amount, some catastrophe or other had always happened to wipe them out. If a friend of mine hadn't given me a used Athlon 64 x2 and mobo that his work retired a couple years ago, I'd still be running that Pentium 4. Whooo! Side-Grade!

    Still, as the days roll by with no news on my dream case, I'm starting to eyeball other options. Nothing else appeals, frankly. Either it hasn't got some feature, or enough space, or the visual presentation is butt-awful... Nothing combines all the options with the style and configurability that I see in the Luxe at a reasonable price point. Even most of the spendier cases still don't catch my eye like the Luxe.

    So, how about it? Can we get some solid news regarding a release date? I'm ready to pull the trigger on a motherboard and GPU before the next money-eating disaster hits but I just can't run the risk of a DOA part that spendy being discovered after it's too late to return because I waited three months for the perfect case.

    Cheers, and thanks in advance.

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    Two months.
    I would be considering the H440 if it was orange, but NZXT obviously only cares about the masses at first and the Luxe is just so much more baller than any case I have had before, including the much larger Elysium, which also has up to 420mm rad support. The Primo is just not an option for me as it wouldn't even remotely fit onto my desk.
    So, any sort of information would be appreciated.

    NZXT is making the orange version. Bye Phanteks.
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    Considering it's nearly the middle of May, is there any more information you have to share about the Luxe?

    The Pro seems to fit what I'm looking for quite well, but as I understand it the Luxe is very similar with better material quality. Like the atheistic of that one a bit better as well.

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    Yes, I agreed with you.

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