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Thread: Any New Evolv Updates?

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    Any New Evolv Updates?

    I was looking around at cases and the Evolv really spiked my excitement. So, I looked at all of the announcement about the Evolv and some of them didn't have a release date and some of them said that it was coming out in late July and now we are sitting in mid-August without any updates for the last almost two months.

    So is it coming soon, are we going to know more, because currently I am waiting for this case to do my new build. Any information is welcomed and thanks to anyone that contributes.

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    I, too, am waiting in full anticipation towards this wonderful chasis. My build is set to Bitfenix Prodigy M because it is a unique design but it is a bit fat and I am seeking for a slimmer type such as the Evolv. Please let us know when will this be available in the US.

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