I am rebuilding me pc in my new Ethoo Luxe. First of all let me say I LOVE THIS CASE. . I do have two little gripes though

1. I am very anal about vable management and I like to route all my cables so that when sleved and going to the motherboard they look neat and tidy. I usually put a sheet of acrylic where the mother board sits so i can just have individual cables coming through. On my last case ( Cosmos S ) there was a large pre cut hole that i could pass the cables through, and then through the acrylic. However on the Ethos the hole is just off centre so the only way i can do it is by drilling the holes in the case......which I am loathed to do as it would spoil such a nice case.

2. Using the supplied pump mount it doesn't seem to accept DDC pumps with out drilling another hole. The pre drilled ones done match up which is not a deal breaker but is a same as everything else about the case is excllent.